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MTEF provides year-round tennis and youth development programs to help students reach their greatest potential. We work to give urban children a safe environment where they can play and excel. We encourage and support academic achievement to help develop lifelong learners. Through life skills training and positive adult coaches and mentors, MTEF empowers students to develop strong characters and critical life skills that will lead them to success.

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MTEF offers a variety of programs using tennis as a vehicle to help children reach their greatest potential. For more information about MTEF's tennis, education and mentoring (TEAM) programs, select from the following:        



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What are the Players Saying?

Kisanyae, AGE 15

"Honesty, respect, teamwork, sportsmanship, inclusiveness, and a strong work ethic are all examples of core values that playing tennis here with MTEF have helped to cultivate into my character."

Akili, AGE 16

"Tennis is another way to build character with the competitiveness and the perseverance that goes into it (playing tennis)..." 

Jahara, AGE 11 

"Teamwork, respect, and making friends are three things that I can use in the real world that I learned this summer playing tennis."

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