junior team tennis (Jtt)

Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is the largest junior recreational tennis league in the United States with over 400,000 participants nation-wide and over 35,000 players in the Midwest Section.  JTT is often compared to Little League Baseball, as the program offers children the opportunity to develop their individual and team tennis skills in a fun, yet competitive atmosphere.  The Milwaukee league, with its 850 players, is one of the largest local summer leagues in the Midwest Section. 

Why wait until high school to join a tennis team? USTA Junior Team Tennis brings together boys and girls in various age divisions to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other coed teams. Beyond being fun and a great form of exercise, Junior Team Tennis is a competitive, level-based environment that promotes individual growth, social growth and life skills.

Why is Junior Team Tennis Right For You?
With Junior Team Tennis, you’ll learn about unity, sportsmanship and how to work together to achieve success. You’ll also learn that success isn’t just about winning; it’s about how you play the game and respond to challenges.

Local Junior Team Tennis or Championship Junior Team Tennis: Which is right for me?
Junior Tennis Team follows two tracks to provide opportunities to players of all abilities: Local Junior Team Tennis or Championship Junior Team Tennis. The local track allows kids and team organizers to play on a local level with flexible structures, while the championship track provides teams the opportunity to advance to a national championship – the crown jewel of the USTA Junior Team Tennis season.


USTA Junior Team Tennis

Rules & Regulations

2017 USTA National Regulations

Junior Team Tennis Levels

USTA has developed tools to assist local program coordinators, team managers, parents and players to determined which level players should play in USTA Junior Team Tennis. 



For more information on how to be part of our summer JTT, call (414) 442-8195.

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