Expanded Mentoring Program (EMP)

The Milwaukee Tennis & Education Foundation recently implemented an Expanded Mentoring Program (EMP) to supplement its focus on tennis, education, life skills and nutrition/fitness. Initially, the program is being offered to participants in MTEF’s High Performance TEAM program.

The Expanded Mentoring Program uses a cross-age peer mentoring system in which college-age participants mentor high school juniors and seniors, and high school participants mentor middle school students. Each mentor offers support and guidance to two mentees during weekly meetings at the Mary Ryan Boys & Girls Club. The program is led by an adult mentoring coordinator who steers the activity at weekly meetings and coordinates outside events, such as Bucks games and college field trips, that bring mentors and mentees together for stronger bonding experiences.

MTEF’s cross-age peer mentoring program seeks to provide these opportunities for youth to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Be meaningfully engaged in community life
  • Experience success
  • Develop positive, supportive relationships with peers
  • Engage with adults and older youth around common goals
  • Explore future careers and determine career pathways


 MTEF group activities provide support for our EMP mentors/mentees that:

  • Create a safe environment physically and emotionally
  • Encourage a sense of belonging
  • Help our youth overcome mistakes
  • Establish and maintain clear boundaries
  • Encourage the development of new skills
  • Empowers our youth to make a difference in their communities
  • Engages family, school and community as partners with youth

The primary outcome of HP TEAM Expanded Mentoring Program (EMP) Academy is to establish a long-term, self-sustaining, youth mentoring system based in the mission statement of the TEAM program. The goal of the EMP extensions is to assist our MTEF families to understand and develop a personalized career goal for their youngsters. Building a career pathway for their MTEF youngster to follow.  MTEF believes that each of our students can attain great things through active encouragement, promotion, assistance and building which is the programs mantra.

Goal Expectation:

(1) 100% attendance and accountability in school and EMP programming
(2) An active commitment to their tennis development, life skill maturation and positive attitude
(3) Engaging active parental and mentor counseling support
(4) Sourcing additional school teacher input and involvement
(5) Grade submission and improvement in their academic enrichment components
(6) An active commitment to offering community service in Milwaukee

For more details regarding peer mentoring model, see the Peer Mentoring Handbook.

For more specific details of our mentoring team, see our EMP Handbook

To see our monthly activities, see our EMP Calendar,

 information contact our Executive Director, Mike Levy at 414-442-8195.

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