after school programs

MTEF welcomes the opportunity to share the lifetime sport of tennis with students in Milwaukee Public Schools or Community Learning Centers (CLCs) using the USTA's Net Generation instructional program. Net Generation introduces the game to beginning players on smaller courts with appropriately-sized equipment, such as lower nets and compression balls. With this method, players are able to keep the ball in play and learn strokes at a faster pace. The format enables youngsters to build their enjoyment of the game while developing tennis skills more quickly and efficiently.  

The convenience of the portable nets allows tennis to be set up in any available space, such as a gym or outdoor playground area.  Typically, two MTEF instructors work weekly with a group of 20 students over 6-8 weeks. The goal is to have the students playing out points as soon as possible.  During the final week a tournament is played at each site, giving each child the opportunity to demonstrate his/her skills.

If you would like to have MTEF provide an after school tennis program at your site, email us at MTEF or call our office at (414) 442-8195.

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